Erica Oppenheimer, LCSW

Therapy is a path that can lead to seismic shifts in the most difficult aspects of our lives. Each person’s experience is distinct and everyone brings different identities, anxieties, and expectations. Examining our lives can be scary, confusing, exciting and even surprising, but we are here to do this work together. My role is to help you make space for what arises, challenge you, build your curiosity and honor your journey. For some, speaking to what has been unacknowledged and unsaid carries great weight and is transformative, and for this reason, it creates new energy and vitality. For others, we will develop specific tools to manage intense emotions or build insight into beliefs and patterns that once might have been protective but now limit you. By better understanding deep, early wounds and conflicting truths, we are better able to experience ourselves and the world in ways that are truthful and joyful.

I draw from a range of methods to address issues related to trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, work stress, relationship issues and family conflict. I deeply believe in creating a non-judgmental space where the client is free to bring up any issue or concern.

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